The Great Embroideries of Bukhara

Flowers in a Narrow Lattice
probably 18th century

168 x 267 cm (5ft 6in x 8ft 3in)
silk embroidery, predominantly in basma technique, on a cotton foundation

Design type J

Narrow lattice field filled with side- and top-view flowers; wide primary border flanked by guard borders. Three examples known.


plate J2

Private collection.

Virtually the same as type I, except that their wider borders dominate the pattern. The field is the same width as each of the side borders, as with types D and E. The example currently in a private collection, colour plate J2, is very distinctive. The scale of drawing and the bold archaic quality of the side-view flowers in the border, combined with the refined embroidered in-fills in places, suggest that this is possibly older than many of the other Large Medallion suzani.

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