The Great Embroideries of Bukhara

Large Rectangular Medallion
circa 1800 or earlier

146 x 205 cm (4ft 10in x 6ft 9in)
silk embroidery, predominantly in basma technique, on a cotton foundation

Design type B

Giant rectangular medallion filling the field; single narrow border. Three examples known, all nim-suzani.


plate B2

J. Smith, Massachusetts.

The large rectangular medallion almost fills the entire field, and its corners are very slightly rounded. This medallion and the narrow outer border are basically similar in design to those of type A. A dominant continuous spiral design completely surrounds the medallion and outside this, in the furthest corners of the field, are tiny buds, birds or ewers. Although there are only three known examples of this type, they are sufficiently similar to type A that sub-divisions into periods can again be suggested. B1 and B2 are probably from the first period, while B3, in a California collection, appears to be from the second. In B1 and B2 there are eccentricities in the design of the edge of one corner of the medallion.

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